Dublin Ireland

The Immigration Chair:
Season 2

4:56 AM

The immigration sequel begins. Due to the weather being clear this morning, I was greeted with a line of almost 20 people in front of me. This was less than ideal. So far this sequel is already looking worse than the original, which tends to be the case. At least it’s not raining and I don’t have to pee yet. I do, however, enjoy the stares that I get as I post up in line with the only chair. Later people. Simple pleasures pass the time. 

5:35 AM

So this guy turns around and tips his hat like this. And who do you think that guy was? Emilio Estevez. The Mighty Duck man, I swear to God. I was like Emilioooo!! Watching Night At The Roxbury was a great way to pass the time. Unlike Shay, I had tons of service, so watching Netflix was an easy decision. Will Ferrell you are a legend. 

5:55 AM

Wind is a real a-hole. Bringing the true meaning to Netflix and chill. I’m so thirsty but scared to drink fluids. I guess I will eat a carrot instead. I can’t say it’s enjoyable at 5:55 am, but it’s what I found in the fridge.

6:17 AM

I see blue sky. This is great news. It is however still a bit nipply out. There is for sure a nip in the air. Time to have some chips. Yup. These taste much better than carrots. I’m making chocolate chip pancakes when I get home with eggs. Some guy should honestly pull up a food truck in front of this place. Ideally serving breakfast burritos and coffee. It would be easy money. 

6:54 AM

I have to go pee. This is my nightmare.

7:15 AM

It’s almost 8! As I understand once I get inside I have to wait in another line and possibly two more, but at least it’s inside with a restroom. I have a massive knot in my back from this mini chair. A massage would be ideal at this point. I may try standing up. 

7:32 AM

The home stretch. It still isn’t warm but it’s not raining. Honestly if it was raining, it may have been a good laugh since I seem to be the only one in line with an umbrella (at least around me). It would have been a funny sight, seeing everyone soaking wet standing in line, then see me sitting in a chair, under an umbrella, watching Netflix and eating chips and carrots. It makes me laugh thinking about it. I decide to stand up. 

7:45 AM

We got let in early! Got number 018 and used the restroom. Victory! Now I can finally drink some water. However Shay has not showed up yet, which is a problem, since I can’t complete the paperwork without her. This place is like if the DMV and the airport security line on Christmas break had a baby, and that baby married the Ikea Assembly Instructions and gave birth to a child. That child would be this place. Waiting in line to wait in line, passport checkpoints, customers in number order while you’re sitting there confused if you took all the proper steps needed to complete the paper work…. also wondering why in the hell are there no appointments?! 

8:18 AM

Shay finally showed up. Sounds like she had some fun this morning with cell phone issues and the immigration entrance bouncer. I guess she wasn’t on the list, so I had to pull some strings to let her in. Now we sit…again.  

8:45 AM

This is what we trained for. 018 is called. It’s time.

9:00 AM

Back in line again….

9:15 AM

Finger prints needed. And…we’re back in line again.

9:43 AM

Mission complete. And now I can officially leave the country and be allowed back in. This is great news. But even better news is I beat Shay’s time. Shay finished her appointment at 9:45 and I finished at 9:43. But who’s counting? Now it’s time to go home, shove food in my face and pass out. Cheers.


Eh, whats up doc?


The sky looks blue


Not too shabby


Winner (on the left) loser (on the right)

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