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A Picture is Worth
a Million Kroner

Note – this post is SO late (sorry Josh!) but we can’t just forget about our trip to Oslo, Norway. 

About 2 months ago, I got an email from Ryanair advertising their weekend deals. Normally I just delete it but the headliner was Oslo, Norway…34Euro….RETURN. For those who don’t know, return means round trip. You really can’t say no to a spontaneous weekend in Norway so I quickly booked our tickets and an Airbnb and we were set. 

My cousin Josh (from Alaska) and his wife Hege live in Oslo, so it was a no brainer to spend a weekend exploring with them. Let me be the first to tell you, Norway ain’t cheap. From what I hear most of the Scandanavian countries are preeeeetty expensive and we witnessed this first hand. From $25 burgers to $45 for 3 pints of beer (not joking), we had pretty big sticker shock. But that was not to be outdone by the beauty of Oslo.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and instantly loved the city. We walked the wrong way to our Airbnb for about an hour but gave ourselves a nice (free) walking tour of the city! It was beautiful. The weather was sunny and warm the entire time. We were lucky. That night we met up with Josh for dinner at his house and he made delish lasagne. We went out with a bunch of his friends to the local bars and got a good feel for the nightlife. It was so much fun! So fun in fact, we woke up the next day and ate lasagne for breakfast. Kurt literally cracked an egg on his and called it breakfast. 

We were a little slow moving from the late night out but finally got a move on. We took a boat to the viking ship museum, went to a little food market (tried their elk kebabs) and even got to witness Norway winning a hockey tournament to make it to the 2018 Olympics. Pretty radical. 

The following day we went to where Josh works. Hollmenkollen is an insanely high ski jump/zip line/ski museum and we spent a ton of time there. We took the little elevator to the top and enjoyed incredible views of Oslo city and the fjords. Although we should know this being from Alaska and all, Josh and I had to Google what a fjord was. I am still laughing. The views were breathtaking! Worth a million Kroner some might say. After checking out the awesome views, we walked through the ski museum that was SO COOL. So many vintage artifacts and skis. We even went in the ski jump/downhill simulator where Josh and I thought we might have to push the emergency stop. It was a blast. 

After checking that out we walked through a beautiful park with tons of statues. That was really interesting to see. I think we walked 35,000 steps that day. 

That night we went to a restaurant called Meatballs and had (you guessed it) meatballs. It was super delicious and something I still crave. 

I highly recommend visiting Oslo. Josh and I are talking about when we will meet up again and hope it’s while we are all still living in Europe. Not bad for a 2 hour plane ride for a weekend trip!


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    Greg O.
    December 11, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    Guessing they weren’t “Swedish meatballs,” right?

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    SUPERB Post.thanks for share..more delay.

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