Belfast Ireland

48 Hours in Belfast:
Winter is coming,
I’ll never let go Jack

So a couple weekends back Kurt and I decided we wanted to do a little weekend excursion but didn’t want to deal with flying/hotels. Belfast was the perfect option. We took the two hour bus ride from Dublin which was literally 10Euro round trip per person. So cheap and easy! I recommend this transit versus the train, which is at least 50Euro per person.

We rented a room at a KILLER Airbnb. I totally recommend staying here because it’s very close to the city center (15 min. walk), so cheap (40GBP a night) plus Tim, your host, is a badass. He stocks the kitchen with breakfast, beer and candy. What more could you ask for?

Some highlights of our visit:

  1. Game of Thrones Tour of the Iron Islands – Man, what an epic day. This tour is ALL day but was one of my favorite things. First of all, a Mercedes bus picks you up with the GOT logo all over it. Secondly, our tour guide was hilarious and an extra on the show. He had a million stories to tell throughout the day about what it is actually like filming. He also told us he has died a total of 8 times on the show so far. You stop probably every half hour but before you stop, you get to watch a clip on a TV screen in the bus of the scene that took place at that location. SO COOL. We saw the Harbor where Arya stark battles that girl who changes faces, the cave where Lord of Light lady (Melisandre?) gives birth to the shadow baby, the actual Iron Islands, the Dark Hedges, etc. The best part of the whole thing is you get to dress up upon arrival to the Iron Islands and carry swords and shields. Like actual swords. Kurt’s inner 8-year-old boy came out instantly. This is a pretty beach so there are just people wandering around staring at you. We couldn’t stop laughing. We also got to stop at a couple of Northern Irelands beautiful sights to see including the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. I just can’t say enough about how awesome this was. Please do it if you are ever in Belfast and you are a GOT fan.
  2. Little Wing Pizzeria – Okay I’ll just tell you straight up what happened here. Kurt and I ordered a 24-inch pizza. We ate the whole thing. It was delicious. I would do it again.
  3. Paddy Campbell’s Black Cab Tour – This was a huge highlight for me. You get in a black cab with your own driver and basically drive all around Belfast for 2 hours. Our driver (Stevie) was so awesome. He told us all about “The Troubles,” in Northern Ireland, drove us through Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods, explained the murals, and took us to an IRA garden memorial. Talk about MIND BLOWN. It is so crazy to think that there is such segregation still happening in 2017. There are actual walls running through neighborhoods separating the Catholics and Protestants. This was the perfect way to learn about Belfast from a local. He also told us he had the real life Khaleesi in his cab and had no clue who she was.
  4. Titanic Museum – So apparently the Titanic was actually built in Belfast…. WHO KNEW? Not me. Kurt and I had a spare afternoon and decided to visit the museum. It was pretty expensive (18GBP) but we figured we had to. I am actually really glad we did. It was a great way to spend 2 hours learning about Belfast and the creation of the Titanic. I also learned that although Jack Dawson is a fictional character, there was an actual J. Dawson on the ship….whoa. Apparently there is also an afternoon tea you can have in an area of the museum that looks like you are on the ship. Nonetheless, a fun thing to do if you have a couple hours.

And that’s it folks…how to spend 48 hours in Belfast. Check out the vid featuring some of our hilarious moments (mostly us playing with swords).

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    June 16, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Glad I found your blog! I was in Belfast last month and took the black cab tour. It was honestly one of the best (and most emotional) things I’ve experienced in my travels. Love the blog name by the way (and it’s totally cool if two people want to drink one pint, haha). Cheers!

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