Italy Lake Como

There’s No-Mo Wine In Como…
We Drank It All

When you turn 30 you have to do something fun. It’s like an unspoken rule. Just like ordering more than one patty on your burger at In N’ Out. You never get just one. Who does that? So when our friend Mal turned 30, she had to do something EPIC to celebrate. She decided Lake Como would be the perfect spot, so we found a great place right on the water and planned for a wild weekend. I mean if George Clooney loves it so much, why wouldn’t we? All I can say is I get it now Jorge. Lake Como is cool. It’s filled with amazing wine, delicious carbs, old school boats, cool water trampolines and…water falls? Okay Como, now you’re just showing off. Needless say we had a great time drinking too much wine, eating enough pizza/pasta to feed all of Italy and finding just about anything we could to hurl our bodies off of into the refreshing water of Lake Como. What more could you ask for? How about a video!? Check out all the fun below. CIAO RAGAZZI

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