About Us

You may be wondering why this blog is titled ‘A Pint For Two.’ You may also be wondering why two people are sharing a pint? Why can’t they each drink their own? To help answer these questions, we can start from the beginning…

After meeting in 2011IMG_5814 during a semester abroad in Italy, Kurt and Shay began a long distance relationship. Being that Kurt was still in college and Shay was graduating, a decision had to be made. Where would Shay go? Naturally Kurt convinced Shay that nothing comes close to the golden coast (yes, that is a Katy Perry reference), so Shay became a California girl in San Francisco. After graduation, Kurt and Shay moved into an apartment together in San Francisco and enjoyed everything there is to offer in Northern California; snowboarding in Tahoe, floating on inner tubes down the Russian River, surfing in Santa Cruz, or just enjoying an ice cold beverage (or 10) in the park at Fort Mason. However, there was always a desire to go back to Europe and travel more. So, when Shay’s employer offered her the opportunity to work abroad in their new office in Dublin, Ireland they both jumped on the idea. The move was official and Kurt and Shay would be moving to Ireland in April of 2016, which is where our story begins.

So why ‘A Pint For Two?’ The pint represents a single adventure that the two will take together, sharing memories and experiences of a lifetime. Kurt and Shay were thirsty for more after studying abroad and Ireland was there drink of choice.

So my question for you is, are you thirsty for adventure? Subscribe to share a pint with us.